JASTEC / ジャステック(ジャパンスーパーコンダクタテクノロジー)株式会社



Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc.
(Japanese registered trademark No. 4668645 in Japan)
JASTEC is a manufacturer of superconducting wires and magnets, and contributes the superconducting technology in the world.


Company Name Japan Superconductor Technology, Inc.
Founded April 1, 2002
Capital 400Million Yen
Shareholder KOBE STEEL, LTD. 85.1% , JEOL Ltd.14.9%
President Hiroshi Uzukawa


Business Field

1.Manufacture and sales of the following items:
NbTi and Nb3Sn superconducting wire
High-resolution NMR magnets
Various magnets for MRI
Various magnets for industry and research
Component parts and accessory for superconducting magnet
2. Installation and set up of the above items.
3. Consulting business for superconducting and low temperature technologies .



1964 Start R&D on superconducting wire at the Asada Research Laboratory of Kobe Steel, Ltd.
1980 Start sales of NbTi superconducting wire
1983 Start sales of Nb3Sn superconducting wire
1989 Japan Magnet Technology, Inc. (JMT) is established to handle superconducting magnet business
1990 Start joint development of 750 MHz NMR magnet with MIT
Deliver a 400 MHz wide NMR magnet
1992 Start cold shipping of NMR magnets
Deliver a 1.5 T MRI magnet
Deliver a 500 MHz NMR magnet
1994 Deliver the world's first 750 MHz NMR magnet
1995 Start supplying wire to Bruker for NMR magnets
Start supplying NMR magnets to JEOL Ltd.
Join project to develop 1GHz NMR magnet
1996 Deliver a cryogen-free superconducting magnet
1998 Deliver an 800MHz NMR magnet
2001 Complete a high-resolution NMR superconducting
magnet with world's highest magnetic field of 920 MHz *1
2002 JMT's magnet business is merged with Kobe Steel's
superconducting wire business to form Japan
Superconductor Technology, Inc. (JASTEC)
2003 Start delivery of FT-ICR magnets to Thermo Electron Corp.
2004 Complete a high-resolution NMR superconducting magnet
with world's highest magnetic field of 930 MHz *2
Total of 100 cryogen-free superconducting magnets shipped
Deliver a zero boil-off 7.0 T/400 SS MRI magnet
Complete a 20 T research magnet
2006 Deliver a Super Self Shield (SSS) High-resolution NMR magnet
2007 Achieve 150 sets of deliver records for cryogen-free superconducting magnet
2008 Start supplying Nb3Sn superconducting wire for TF-coil of ITER project
Start delivery of magnet for extremity MRI
2010 Achieve 1000 sets of NMR magnet delivery
2011 Succeed to generate world highest magnetic field of 24.0T in cooperation with NIMS
(National Institute of Materials Science)
Achieve 150 sets of deliver records for cryogen-free superconducting magnet
2012 Receive “innovation Award” from GE Healthcare
10th anniversary after establishment as JASTEC
2013 Start supplying Nb3Sn superconducting strand and conductor for CS-coil of ITER project

*1,2 The 920 MHz and 930 MHz high-resolution NMR magnets were jointly developed by
the National Institute for Materials Science(NIMS) and Kobe Steel/JASTEC.


Major Customers

Chiba University, Dalian University of Technology  (PR China), Fukui University,
Hokkaido University, Iwate University, Keio University, Kobe University,
Kyoto University, Kyushu University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA),
Nagoya University, Niigata University, Northeastern University  (PR China),
Northwestern Polytechnic University  (PR China), Osaka University,
Saitama University, Shinshu University, Sophia University,
Tsinghua University (PR China), Tsukuba University, Tohoku University,
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo University of Science, The University of Tokyo,
Waseda University, Yamagata University, Yamanashi University,
Yokohama National University, etc.
Research Institutes
Central Research Institute of Electrical Power Industry, International Superconductivity Technology Center, Japan Atomic Energy Agency, Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI, Korea), National Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, National Institute for Fusion Science, National Institute for Material Science, RIKEN,Railway Technical Research Laboratory.National Institute of Radiological Science. etc.

Ajinomoto Co.,Inc., Bruker Biospin AG (Switzerland), Bruker Biospin GmbH (Germany)
GE Healthcare (USA), Gycom (Russia),Canon Inc., Hitachi Ltd., JEOL Ltd.,
Kobe Steel, Ltd.,,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic Corporation,
Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., Shin-etsu Chemical Co.,Ltd, Sony Corporation,
CHUBU Electric Power Co.,Inc., TDK Corporation, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation,
JEOL Resonance Inc, Agilent Technologies UK Limited(UK), Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.(Germany)


Environmental Policy

Environmental Management

Environmental Policy

1. Environmental philosophy

As a member of the Kobe Steel Group, Japan Superconductor Technologies, Inc. implements environmentally-friendly business activities based on the Group's environmental management policy. The superconducting wire and magnet products that we supply allow electrical currents to be supplied with zero resistance, and are capable of contributing to significant savings in terms of energy consumption. These products are currently being utilized in the development of energy saving equipment used in the transmission of electric power, electricity generators, and fusion reactors, etc. Through the supply of these kinds of products and technology, we aim to preserve a healthy global environment for future generations, and in our business activities, become an environmentally-friendly corporation capable of effectively coexisting with local communities.

2. Action guidelines

The following items will be continuously implemented through the efforts of all employees of our company.

1) The establishment of an environmental management system and the development of an organizational structure designed to continuously operate and improve this system. 

2) Compliance with environmentally-related regulations and other requirements our company agrees with, as well as the implementation of measures designed to prevent environmental contamination.

3) Reductions in carbon dioxide emissions and water discharge levels, and reductions and recycling of waste materials in order to create a recycling-oriented society with a minimum impact on the environment.

4) The establishment of environmental goals and the implementation of regular reviews of these goals as well as continuous improvements. 

5) The implementation of education and training designed to allow all employees to gain an understanding of our company's environmental policy and continuously implement activities in accordance with this policy.

6) Participation in environmental conservation activities carried out by local communities.

7) Disclosure of the results of the implementation of activities based on our company's environmental policy and environmental management system.



Quality Policy

Quality Manegement

Quality Policy

1. Quality philosophy

We pursue continuous development of our company through relentless kaizen. We value integrity, and provide products, technology, and services for the highest customer satisfaction.

2.Our policies

1) Strictly observe the compliance with laws, official standards, and obligations to customers, and strive to improve our product and service qualities.

2) Maintain and improve the Quality Management System continuously.

3) Communicate with passion both inside and outside the company, and strengthen our quality improvement approaches through innovations.

October 2019
Hiroshi Uzukawa

Quality Manegement

Quality management systems

Our magnet factory and wire factory acquired ISO9001:2015 certification as an international standard of quality management system, which is replaced from ISO9001:2008.

We will continue to upgrade our quality management system so as to receive further customer satisfaction to our product/service.

・ISO9001 (Certificate of Approval)   ・ISO9001(Certificate Schedule)



Place Of business

Head Office and Seishin Factory

Takatsukadai 1-5-5, Nishi-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan.
c/o General Technical Laboratory, Kobe Steel, Ltd.
>> Map


Moji Factory

Komorie 2-2-1, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan
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Tokyo Office

Kitashinagawa 5-9-12, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
c/o Kobe Steel, Ltd.
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