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Superconducting magnet can generate much higher magnetic field than that generated by the permanent magnet or the electromagnet. One of the typical applications is MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) system. Superconducting magnet has been used as an essential component for MRI system for many years. Today, superconducting magnet is indispensable for MRI system.

The application field of superconducting magnet has been widespread not only for the MRI system but also for various industrial and research fields. JASTEC makes every endeavor to supply the best solution for each customer in a variety of application fields.

Chemistry, Life Science and Medical Application

High-Resolution NMR
High-resolution NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) analysis requires extremely high homogeneous magnetic field; approximately sub-ppm order at the sample space. Realization of high homogeneity requires distinguished technologies.
MRI System
MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) systems are used to conduct internal medical examinations and diagnose disorders utilizing the magnetic field and radio waves instead of X-rays. MRI has become an indispensable method in the medical field and is used at medical institutions around the world. Superconducting magnet for MRI requires: (1) homogeneous field at the prodigious large sample volume and (2) extreme high reliability as medical equipment. JASTEC supplies varieties of high performance magnets to the medical applications as well as to the experimental applications.


High Field Research

Material Science
It is very important to study the behavior of the material under high magnetic field for new science and device development. JASTEC has supplied the magnet for the research work with 20T and 52mm cold bore as a world highest class selection.
High Magnetic Force: Magnetic Levitation
Water is known as diamagnetic material. The magnetization, however, is not so strong to be affected by ordinary magnetic field. If sufficient magnetic filed and the field gradient exists, water can be forced and levitated against gravity. JASTEC could realize such high gradient field( 1500T・T/m) by a compact superconducting magnet.



エレクトロニクス分野Single Crystal Grows
Production of silicon single crystal is one of the fundamental technologies for the semiconductor industry. Superconducting magnet has been employed for achieving high productivity. Especially for the Silicon wafer with of over 300mm in diameter, superconducting magnet is playing a vital role.
エレクトロニクス分野Magnetic Annealing System
A reading head of HDD (Hard Disk Drive) employs GMR (Giant Magnetoresistance) effect or TMR (Tunnel Magnetoresistance) effect for high reading sensitivity. In order to obtain the high S/N (Signal to Noise) ratio, alignment of spin in the GMR or TMR material is controlled by the magnetic annealing system. JASTEC has been supplying cryogen-free superconducting magnets with large bore for magnetic annealing system around the world.



Magnetic Separation
The magnetic separation technology using a superconducting magnet has been subject to considerable research. The technology, especially, is expected to be a solution for the waste water process and environmental pollution. JASTEC has supplied the cryogen-free superconducting magnet as a key component for the magnetic separation system.

Nb3Sn Superconducting Wire for Fusion Reactor
Fusion energy is the source of the sun and the stars. This energy is expected to be used to produce electricity in a safe and environmentally benign way. ITER is a joint international research and development project that aims to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion power. The ITER demands high-performance superconducting wires for the magnetic confinement fusion reactor.


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